Hello hello hello and welcome to Meca the online portfolio of Ed Vinicombe. I don't want to bore you and give you my life story - instead I will tell you what you want to hear: I am a web designer from London, UK. This site serves one purpose and that is to show you my work and give you an idea of how I design.

When I'm not designing (that's right I have a life outside of the web) I amuse myself by playing video games like FIFA 11 or actually jumping outside of the cyber world and playing football for real with real people. For inspiration in my work there is only one thing I do and that is to play an epic tune, I don't think there is anything better than sticking your headphones on and just get thinking! I have uploaded a recent favourite of mine for any user who wants to listen to it here.

I am always keen to work on any project large or small and am currently available for freelance work. So if are interested in hiring me for a project, then grab my contact details at the bottom of the site and get in touch! You can also download my CV just below to nose at. Alternatively, if you are a like minded designer be sure to follow me on Twitter for useless updates! :)

www.hadlowcollection.com - design + html + css
www.unitedmagic.co.uk - design + html + css
www.aaronhadlow.com - design + html +css
Bing Digital
Solent University advert design
Dakine Magazine advert design
www.tangerinebar.co.uk - design + html + css
Relentless party flyer design
www.windmachine.biz - blog training + wireframing

If you would like to get in touch please either email me at ed@meca-graphics.co.uk or alternatively use the contact form to my right..

Or you can always contact me via:

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